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LadyGagaCelebrating our Billboard #1 Top 200, #1 Jazz and #1 Traditional Jazz Albums in the US! Sending Tony love across the seas. And to the fans, it’s hard to even find words. I’ll put it in a song 🎺

LadyGaga: So happy today, it’s like dream. Somebody pinch me, but don’t wake me. Heaven, I’m in heaven

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"The Queen of Rap, slaying with Queen Bey!"

oh my god this photoset

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oh NO a GIRL!!!!!! with HAIR in places that HAIR GROWS !!!! AHH!!!!!

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tony abbott: *comes to australia as an immigrant on a boat, had free university education*
tony abbott: so i wanna talk about two things i am really against




Squirrel being fed by a marionette of an old lady being controlled by an old lady. My life is complete   

Life goals